Valentine Present For Him Valentines Day Gift for Her Valentines novelty

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An unusual and unique gift for your Valentine  

Each organza bag contains items which have a meaning explained in the poem 

For My Valentine 

The candy reminds me of your sweet heart

The gum sticks us together, because we’ll never part 

A button sew that we keep close, no matter what the weather

A paper clip to remember all the times we’ve held things together

A candle to light those darker days, when life seems such a muddle

A tissue to dry those tears, when you’re too far away to cuddle

A plaster to heal your pain, when you’re down or feeling sore

A penny so that you always have cash and find you’re never poor 

The rubber to erase all your mistakes – I know you’ve made a few!

A feather to tickle your funny bone for when you’re feeling blue

A puzzle piece as without you there would be something missing in my life

And finally a crayon sent to make your future beautiful and bright.

The contents colours may vary the colour of the organza bag and label will not.

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