solid sterling silver pendant,Oathkeepers,sons of liberty,militia/gift for him

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solid sterling silver pendant,Oathkeepers,sons of liberty,militia/gift for him

Traditional, yet Modern!

                                      A unique his and hers gift for the couple who loves Liberty!

weight: 18 grams Sterling Silver (1 ounce = 31.1 grams)

comes on suede leather cord or Red or Blue Ribbon (please specify), SS hook and eye clasp

You can choose any combination of two Sons of Liberty and/or Daughters of Liberty Medallions.

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each is the size of a silver dollar 

weighing 18 grams (31.1 grams=1 ounce)

It hangs 18-20 inches, hook & eye clasp.  We offer a red satin ribbon instead of the leather cord, please specify. Finished and polished by hand. They are shipped insured, priority mail

  • The original Bronze Sons of Liberty Medallion was found in the 1960's, along a trout stream, in the Adirondack Mountains. How it got there is a mystery. 
  • In the mid 1970’s, we cast and stamped the first sterling silver Sons of Liberty, and Daughters of Liberty medallions.  They are the size of a silver dollar and weigh approximately 18 grams.
  • Now we are bringing them to the marketplace so that all freedom loving people can have and cherish them.  
  • Liberty is our birthright; it is our heritage.  These medallions can be part of your heritage to pass down generation after generation.
  • Prices are Non-Negotiable
  • Please contact us directly for large orders. Wholesale price for 10 or more