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Quietly eccentric and lavishly distracting, this sophisticated wooden slingshot comes complete with a walnut base.

When you're a busy executive, sometimes receipts, scrap paper and more can start to pile up, making it hard to keep desks tidy. Blow off steam with a little childlike fun.

Simply reach for the desktop slingshot, load it with paper, and shoot for the bin.

Unfortunately, it must be said not to shoot your eye out or aim at anyone, no matter how annoying your coworkers may be.

Featuring a snappy rubber band launcher and resting on a matching walnut base when not in use.

The Desktop Slingshot will add a great conversation piece to your office decor.

Base measures: 5.5”x 4.5” x 1”

Slingshot measures: 5” (at the widest part) x 2” x 8.25”.